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TFI Local Link bus services connect communities throughout rural Ireland as part of the TFI Public Transport Network.  TFI Local Link bus services are affordable and available for anyone wishing to travel to or from their local town or village. TFI Local Link operate two different types of service; Regular Rural Bus Services and Door-to-Door Bus Services.

Regular Rural Bus Services / Fixed Service

TFI Local Link Regular Rural Bus Services operate on a fixed service route between towns and villages and have a scheduled timetable, just like any other public transport bus service. Regular Rural Bus Service timetables are designed, to maximise connectivity with commercial bus services and Iarnród Éireann networks to facilitate passengers who may need to connect to the national TFI network.

These services are frequently used by local residents, commuters, students and tourists alike.

Our regular routes map:

Door-to-Door Bus Services

TFI Local Link Door-to-Door Bus Services are bus routes with the added benefit of collecting and dropping off passengers directly at their homes. These services require pre-booking with your TFI Local Link office, ideally at least the day before travelling. Door-to-Door Bus Services operate a timetable that is subject to change. Timetables frequency for Door to Door Bus Services can vary from daily to once a week, or fortnightly.

Door to Door Bus Services offer great peace of mind to passengers living in rural areas who might otherwise have no way to access public transport and the freedom it brings.

Who can use TFI Local Link Services?

TFI Local Link bus services are available to everyone and provide vital transport services to all. These bus services provide safe and accessible rural community transport, while also catering to the needs of the elderly and those with disabilities. Free Travel Passes are accepted on all TFI Local Link services and cash fares are payable by anyone who does not hold a Free Travel Pass. By providing a regular, scheduled public transport service in remote areas TFI Local Link offers greater travel and commuting opportunities to rural residents.



TFI Local Link provides accessible buses across its day and evening services, and can divert its routes if pre-booked by phone for pick-ups where residents have mobility difficulties. 

Cash fares are payable on Local Link services. Fares for Local Link services vary with single, return, student and child fares and weekly fares available. For fare structures see our table.

Free Travel Passes are accepted on all Local Link Services

If you will be a regular passenger and require door-to-door, then you will need to register with us, and give your name and address so we can provide door-to-door service.

If you are using the buses at fixed service route stops you do not need to book your seat or do not need to register and we will not need to keep you details.

Route 431, 432 & 546 do not operate on Christmas Day and Stephen’s Day.

Route 438 & 547 do not operate on Christmas Day.

All other services do not operate on Public Holidays.

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