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Route 431 Bus Service Affected by Maam Cross Big Fair on October 31, 2023

Attention passengers!

Due to the Maam Cross Big Fair on Tuesday, 31 October 2023, there will be a road closure on Route 431 Claremorris to Carraroe. This will affect our bus service on that day.

Our Route 431 Claremorris to Carraroe will be able to do the morning run at 6:07am Claremorris to Maum Village only!, and return evening run at 17:45 from Claremorris to Maam Cross and back at 19:20 from Maam Cross to Claremorris.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this temporary change. Please plan your journey accordingly and stay safe.

Thank you for choosing TFI Local Link Galway!



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